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Dan Harris
(1914 - 1987)

Mixed media on paper
9½" x 12½"

SFMOMA Solo Exhibition, 1947

Carlson Art Projects Collection
30 Surrealist works exhibited
in the 1947 SFMOMA solo exhibition

Dan Harris (1914 -1987)


Born Daniel Harris and adopting the name Zev, he studied at the Master's Institute of the Roerich Museum in New York City, the National Academy of Design, and at New York University, where he also taught for two years. 


His artistic talents were discovered by Grace McCann Morley, director of SFMA, in the early 1940s, and she invited him to exhibit in the Abstract & Surrealist Art in America exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Art in 1944.  She also gave him a solo exhibition at the museum In 1947 of his surreal drawings. 


While living on the  Monterey Coast, he designed the interior of the world-famous Nepenthe restaurant in Big Sur.


Harris changed his name to ZEV, which means 'wolf' in Hebrew when he moved to Europe in 1953.  He first went to Paris, then Spain, where he created huge sculptures for a villa in Spain, and then Rome, where he died in 1987.

Solo Exhibitions
San Francisco Museum of Art, 1947 

Pinacotheca Gallery (Rose Fried Gallery), New York 

Furstenberg Gallery, Paris 

Arthur Jeffress Gallery, London


Group Exhibitions

Abstract & Surrealist Art in America, San Francisco Museum of Art 1944 

Corcoran Gallery 

Chicago Art Institute 

Whitney Museum of Art 

Museum of Modern Art, New York 

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 

St. Louis Art Museum 

Salon du Mai, Museum of Modern Art, Paris

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