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Jack Brusca
(1939 - 1993)

Minnie Mouse's shoe
d. 1970
Airbrush on canvas
60" x 60"

Jack Brusca (1939 -  1998)


Jack Brusca's ability to interpret the natural wonder of ordinary things and ideas is the major reason he is so highly regarded in today's contemporary art world. As an illusionist who manipulates letters, numbers, and flowers, among things, Brusca's keen sense of spacial dimension and color blend to give his work a theatrical-type light. As John Canady of The New York Times wrote:"... (Brusca's) geometrical forms are painted with a degree of illusionism that makes a metal band seem to arch away from the wall, turning the painting into sculpture".

Born in New York in 1939, Brusca studied at the University of New Hampshire and The School of Visual Arts, New York. His first one-man show was held at Galeria Bonino in New York in 1969. Since then, his works have been displayed throughout the United States and South America. He has participated in numerous exhibitions, including Expo '67, Montreal; Paintings and Sculptures Today, Indianapolis Museum of Art, and Highlights of the Season at the Larry Aldrich Museum in Ridgefield, Conn.


Mr. Brusca won critical praise when he had his first one-man show in 1969 at the Bonino Galleria on West 57th Street for painting that came out of Leger and the mechanistic tradition but was not enslaved to those origins.

At a 1973 show in that gallery, he was lauded by one critic as being "just about as sharp as they come" in the illusionistic representation of sleek three-dimensional forms through a mixture of surrealism, pop, and hard-edged neo-realism.


Since then, his works have been displayed throughout the United States and South America. His paintings were also shown at several museums and acquired by the Whitney Museum and others.


Brusca also designed sets and costumes for the ballet. His costumes for Louis Falco's ballet "Escarpot," performed by Alvin Ailey Dance Theater at City Center in 1991, won critical praise. He also designed jewelry. 

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